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  Precision Cating, Die Casting, Sheet Metal Fabrications

Are you looking for casting, die casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication experts who deliver the best contract manufacturing value your money can buy? With a company that machines,welds, fabricates in any way you need it for your custom project, at absolutely no risk?

Standard Equipment for casting, die casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication:
,type gs1000 vacuum direct reading,hb3000 hardness tester,hls-11d hld tester
• ut detector type usm35xdac,impact property inspection facility,low temperature
• cabinet,brinell hardness tester,magnetic particle tester.

Die casting machine J1128/DCC280/J1140/J1150/FYZ-800,Wheel machine MQ3225,Drilling machine S4116,Desktop driller z516-1A,Multi axis lathe KRDG-340,Multi axis driller JTI-203,Shot blasting machine JZC24,Cleaning machine,Desktop dual-use drilling machine ZS4116B,CNC machining center MV-50,MV-1000,MV-1000A,CNC vertical honing machine 2KM228A/1,CNC boring lathe TKJ7040,CNC lathe CAK6136V-750,Multi-axis drilling machine T-140,Vertical boring machine T716,universal cylindrical grinder M114W,Vertical milling machine X5032A.

All of Tai Bo Wei MFG's production processes are quality inspected to make sure we meet customer established tolerances from prototype through long run production. Our state-of-the-art metal forming equipment and vast experience ensure quality craftsmanship using the most cost efficient processes. 

TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. offers "one-stop-shop" capabilities to handle your project from start to finish:
• Precision casting, die casting, Sheet Metal Fabrication
• Contract Manufacturing and Assembly
• Machining and stamping
• Powder Coating

Our range of contract manufacturing production capabilities include single components, complex assemblies, and complete products.

Value added services include:
• Kitting
• Finishing
• Packaging
• Shipping
• ...and a wide variety of other services to simplify your job.

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