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From design and integration to shipping and delivery, Tai Bo Wei is client driven and our customer's ultimate satisfaction is our only goal.

Cost effective design and engineering are critical to the success of our customer's supply chain. Tai Bo Wei can provide or assist in the design and engineering using the latest in CAD/CAM for prototype and feasibility studies.


TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. manufactures quality custom and OEM-certified chassis, electrical enclosures, control panels and weldments. These products are made from our inventories of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and polymers, and shipped daily throughout the China.
Our engineering and quality staff can assist in the design, process development and process control of your product.


TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. can accomplish this by applying years of education and acquired product knowledge. Our 3-D Solid Modeling and CAD/CAM software are state of the art. TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. believes that building a superior product requires a controlled process and efficient design. We strive to constantly improve on our design and quality performance.

TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. can provide or assist in the design and engineering using the latest in CAD/CAM for prototype and feasibility studies. We currently use 3-D CAD software, SolidWorks 2010. These CAD packages can directly communicate with a wide variety of other engineering software which enables the direct importation of customer files thereby lowering engineering time and costs for our customers.

Our engineers at TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. have the tools and the experience to make your ideas a reality. Utilizing the latest version SolidWorks, we provide design validation and 3-D modeling which helps assure a perfect fit the first time. Photo-realistic renderings and videos can be helpful in new product design, and these can be produced by SolidWorks as needed. The use of SolidWorks also helps to minimize the time from idea to completed part.

We have extensive experience in conceptual design, prototype design, and reverse engineering. Our engineers also have the manufacturing expertise that translates into cost effective solutions for your design and manufacturing needs.

Whether you have a simple hand sketch, a 3-D Model, 2-D Drawing, or an existing part, we can take your part from concept through production. We can accept electronic drawings in multiple 3D formats, along with 2D formats including, PDF's, DWG's, DXF's and most any digital based software as well as a hand drawing sent as a fax.

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