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TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. offers its clients the perspective and experience gained from more than 10 years of designing, manufacturing. TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. provides contract manufacturing services within a ‘whole product’ framework that seeks to understand the end-user’s requirement while offering cost effective manufacturing solutions. These services include: Product Development, Value Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence.


Use TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. for Contract Manufacturing Solutions:
• Reduce your vendor base
• Reduce your fixed cost & manufacturing overhead
• Reduce your materials cost
• Reduce your product cost & supply chain


Product Development
TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. provides, internally and through partnership, a holistic framework for product development that views the manufactured part with the end use in mind. TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. assists clients with all or part of the product development process, and brings its in-house experience to bear on every project.


Industrial DesignTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. works with clients to understand the market’s requirements for each product, and to assist clients in matching these with the necessary fit, form and function criteria for manufacturing. This can involve an entire industrial design cycle, or simply developing an in-depth understanding of what product attributes are critical.


Prototyping, Analysis & TestingPrior to commencing manufacturing, TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. is able to develop computer models that simulate a multitude of performance attributes such as static and dynamic load factors. The prototyping stage follows to provide further insight into the product’s capabilities. As a matter of course, TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. conducts a validation run before initiating a full-scale production process.


Manufacturing EngineeringTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd.’s manufacturing engineers translate design concepts into manufacturable components that consider production equipment, material utilization and resource optimization.


Value Engineering
By gaining a full understanding of every product’s intended use and/or its relation with other components, TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. can confidently apply the principles of value engineering. This discipline reflects TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd.’s intimate understanding of metal fabrication and the implications of various design characteristics on product manufacturability. Products are evaluated to determine ways in which the design may be altered to improve manufacturability without compromising structural integrity, function or cosmetic attributes. Value engineering at TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. minimizes the need for multiple pre-production iterations, and often results in:

• Cost savings
• Lower quality risks
• Favorable lead times
• Improved product performance


Manufacturing Excellence
TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. fabricates precision parts for industries as diverse as transportation, electronics, advertising media, telecom and construction. TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. makes use of the most current manufacturing practices and modern equipment to bring your products to life. These include:


Product LeadersTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. assigns a Product Leader to each customer to champion their order at weekly production meetings and oversee that their product travels through engineering and production as planned. They ensure that clients have access on demand to information about their order or project and that it is given the attention it deserves within TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd..


7-Day SchedulingTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. has three shifts and is operational 7-days per week. This provides great flexibility and the ability to adjust to customer’s volatile schedules or unexpected production requirements.


Lean ManufacturingTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. operates according to the principles of lean manufacturing, resulting in flexibility, lowered costs and on-time delivery for our clients.


Finishing, Assembly & IntegrationTaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. has complete in-house wet and powder painting facilities as well has close partnerships with external Platers and specialty coaters. Our extensive assembly expertise includes mechanical, electrical and pneumatic integration.


Facilities, Equipment and People TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. operates from a modern facility that includes a diverse variety of manufacturing equipment. Our on-going training programs create a spirit of Continuous Improvement and provide the dedicated employees of TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. with the opportunity for professional growth.


Quality AssuranceQuality is a fundamental part of TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. Industrial’s commitment to excellence. Supported by our ISO 9001 certification, quality management encompasses every facet of the organization. From management to office and factory personnel, every employee at TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. understands that quality is not an attribute inspected into a product but instead built into the process.


TaiBoWei Industrial Co.,Ltd. supports a wide variety of industries including telecom, transportation, electronic, institutional, home products and many more.


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